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About Leumi Tech USA

With more than 60 years of experience in helping start-ups and legacy brands set up and grow their commercial banking infrastructure in the U.S., we understand the moving parts associated with going global, including changing regulations and trends. We are here for you for every step of the way.

Bank Leumi USA is an FDIC insured, New York State chartered bank. Leumi, Bank Leumi, and Leumi Tech USA are brands operated by Bank Leumi USA. Bank Leumi USA is a subsidiary of Bank Leumi le-Israel, B.M. and part of the Leumi Group. Bank Leumi USA may send you information about our products, services, and events. You may change your preference at any time by following the instruction provided in each communication. To Learn more about how we collect and use your personal information, please click here.

Planning to go global and need advice?

Our team of experts are happy to provide financial advice to help you plan your business expansion.

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